Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Small update: The water according to everyone currently living on the hill has become a little more clear. You can swim in it and no longer become sick. The sanctifying seems to be working. However, The woods have become more sinister. Noises erupt from it. It's darker than normal in there. The people on the hill no longer walk outside at night. The lake is Sanctified... The woods aren't.
I guess evil has to go somewhere.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Start at the bottom. One photo was withheld due to gore.

So You've all heard of the Slender man, The grifter, the rake, and all that jazz. You've probably heard of all those strange traditions and things of the sort that occur around the occult and most likely you believe them or you don't. You rarely here or things that happen around the swamps of new Orleans and it's general vicinity. Let no one fool you, The things that go down in the swamps of the south are haunting and scary as shit. People walk in and never come back of course, That's to be expected when there's such things as alligators, water moccasins, and such lurking out there. But Sometimes you hear of genuinely possessed and haunted bogs down here. These mires that no living soul would dare come close too. Last night, I shared the story of a lake that I used to live near too, but no longer live by. In the thread that I talked about, It became known as the Darkwater lake, Due to the way that the satellite photo that Google maps took made the water look. It seems unsettling even from a bird's eye view. I only see it fair to justify the feeling the photo's give.

First thing to note, Is that this is all not in one fell swoop. This takes place over several years and several different occurrences. There are no records of any kind of witch doctor that lives in hurley, Ms, or nearby. The town is majorly unaware of this area's strange happenings. Few officials are actually concerned about it anyway. The lake was formed when a construction team forming Highway 6-13 hit a spring, Filling up the giant hole they were digging. It was mostly clay, silt, and soil, and there had been no record of anyone living, or dying on that land at the time. The owner of the lake stocked it with Fish and added something to make it a little more murkier. It has a emerald glow to it in real life, and in most cases, looks stunning.

grew up in this area. It's called the hill by our family. No matter what goes on there, it will always be home, and nothign will change that. That being said, The place, although serene most of the time, Is unsettling upon going into the woods, or standing out or near the lake for extended periods of time. Things happen at this place at night. You hear sounds that aren't made in nature. You hear footsteps that aren't supposed to be there, sometimes brisk, sometimes slow, always heavy. You can grasp the cold settling in around the lake and the woods in the middle of humid july. The worst part though are the dead bodies. Whatever lives on that hill always dies sooner or later and in painful ways. This has not related to humans, but to animals. Pets we had ended up dead, sometimes mutilated in horrific and indescribable ways. Sometimes it was wild life that ended up dead. At one occasion, It was overwhelming on the amount of death that flowed from this place. It never snapped on us, but it was overall a really unsettling place to be. If you weren't used to the place, You could claim it was... Cursed in a sense.

First we'll start with the animals, as they are the stable here.
Whenever I was growing up, Death was a common occurrence when it came to pets. Cats, dogs, whatever we took in never lasted more than a year except for a choice few. Something ALWAYS ended up happening. Hit by a car, Snake bite, Natural occurrence. There was the guarantee that whatever we had, it wasn't going to last long. Whatever the case, the animals in question never had that look of peace that most have when a normal animal dies. They all had this tense look on their face, as if something was staring at them when they were released or passing. No matter how they died, they all seemed to be afraid of something. The most disturbing cases we had, that I was never told of until I could handle them, Were squirrels, chipmunks, Birds, And cats Being totally Eviscerated. They had no organs whatsoever, if even a head or limbs. If they had any extremities, they were broken and mangle. Sometimes they were hidden, Other times in plain sight. A few were even missing their skin. Peeled off and never to be found. Truly, this hill was a literal graveyard eventually. All buried at the wood's side, where the ground was damp and dank.
The worst case was a cat of mine named Turtle. he was black and loyal as hell. When mom found him, He had all of his legs broken, No organs, his skin was partially removed, and his eyes were popped out of his head. He was in the middle of the yard with little blood around him.

So now, I'm older. Specifically, I'm 10. Mom's out with her friends to unwind after a long day and I'm alone at the house. My grandmother isn't here either. It's a small town and there really wasn't any threat of strangers or the like. I'm in the living room playing resident evil with the lights out and the volume up. It occurs to me, there was this sound behind me. Confused I pause the game, and look outside the window. Of course I see nothing. A few minuets later after I start playing again, I hear these sounds outside again. Footsteps. These heavy and slow foot steps. Scared as shit realizing I'm no longer alone here, I stay fixed on the T.V. when I decide to walk outside to hear better. I keep the door open and I hear the same footsteps. Slowly...Slowly...Approaching around the house to the front door. I shut the door, hit the blinds and lock the door. All 3 of them. I pull the blinds shut and continue playing. The front doorknob rattles a little and then everything is silent for a bit.
After about 5 more minutes, I'm playing again, and I'm getting pretty far in the game. I hear the footsteps again. I'm still a little frightened, but I don't hear anything else other than the footsteps. At this point, I began to start rationalizing. "Maybe it's like a deer or something. They walk around at night looking for food. Maybe it's just an animal." Still, my morbid sense of curiosity takes over, and I go to the window and look out. Sure enough, past the pool, was this Man shaped figure in the dark ness. It was large but I couldn't really tell the details too well. One anon suggested that he was the moth man, A paranormal being sighted in West virginia around the late 1960's. The reasoning for this will be brought about later in the thread.
He wasn't looking directly at me, and he was merely walking around slowly, as if he was underwater. I still kept on looking, And then decided that he wasn't going to hurt me and went back to playing. I shut it off about 30 minutes later, and finally decide to look back outside. He was still there...LOOKING AT ME. He had bright red glowing eyes. Small but still existant. Then again, he was far away. He was standing straight up, and had to be about 6 and 1/2 feet tall at least. His dark red eyes pierced the dark and whenever he shifted his weight, they glowed different shades of orange and yellow. Refractory light. I promptly almost piss myself, Shut the blinds and literally run to my room and almost cry myself to sleep.

Couple of years later, the weather around the hill starts acting up. It gets unaturally cold in the winter time, and in the summer, Gets horibly humid. This is typical Mississippi weather. But on the hill, it got strange. Storms would be stronger around our area. If it rained at night, the woods would have this Dark glow to them and the lake would be pitch black to the point you couldn't see the opposite bank. I'm 12 at this point and there was a storm coming in fast. The Weather channel never reported us getting winds stronger than 29 MPH winds. I know that number because of what happened to me. I walk out to see what was going on in the storm before it started raining. It's thundering and lightning's flashing. The winds tossing the trees around like mad. OF course the lake is black like normal. But today, I decided to walk up to the lakeside to see what the lake looked like. Upon getting close, the wind picks up and starts pushing me back violently to the point I can't make any distance foward. I wait for it to die down, but I can see the lake at this point. The water was jet black, and you couldn't see past the first few feet of the light that emitted from my house behind me. I ran forward to get a closer look when the wind died down. And that's when it happened. The wind picked up so violently, I was tossed back a few feet, falling straight on my back, Lightning clashing around me. I lay dumbfounded as I heard these screeches and the unmistakable sound of tree's falling from lightning strikes. Scared out of my wits, I ran back inside, never attempting anything like that again.

Now It has been a few years. The occasional dead animal pops up. Mom decided she wants to help our community by trying to form a pet shop. This eventually led to our animal adoption/rescue agency we have going on today. As we got supplies, less animals begin to turn up dead. Life was calming down. I even was able to walk out to the lake at night.
But little did I know, the shit was about to hit the fan.
Next time, A Deer ends up dead. Completely gutted and skinned. It was found a few feet into the woods.
Mom blamed it on a hunter, as anything useful on it was removed. There was blood everywhere, and It was just sitting there. The vultures were already on it, and in a week's time, it was gone. But mom didn't notice what I did. No organs. It's legs were broken. This isn't as scary as the other parts I know, but it is a vital and chronological step.

I'm now 17. It's post Katrina and we're homeless. Our small trailer, that we had rebuilt essentially when we stripped every down to the stud and replaced even that with fresh timber from our local hardware store, was finished two weeks before Katrina hit us. If it wasn't for that, the tree that had fallen on our trailer would have slammed into my grandmothers, specifically where our animals were being held, and we would have all been homeless.
I'm out by the lake at night sitting at the peir because there's no power until the next day. You see, we were on the school's power grid, which was the Millitary's rally point because it was the largest area in town. Therefore, power was vital to that area. bored, I check my clock. 11:09 PM. I'm sitting there and then I heard something...Footsteps. I turn around, And I see IT again. He's far away, at least 500 feet. He has the same red eyes, and he glancing around. He sees me, and makes his way briskly into the woods. I then look forward when I'm hit with this awful smell. This horrible rotting smell that smelt like Dead fish and carrion. For whatever reason, I felt the need to get inside IMMEDIATELY. I literally rush inside and almost slam the door. Next day, There was a dead duck at the peir. No head, No organs, both wings broken.
This is why I was convinced this figure was the moth man. Dead animals. showing up before Disaster. 30 years is a long time to make it across land, and West Virginia isn't that long of a distance from Mississippi with that kind of time on somethings hands, especially if it flies.

Cut to a month ago. This is the real shit, where all went wrong. I'm driving back from college, And mom calls me. She says nan, or my grandmother, needed my help for something. She told me she would pay for the gas. So I drive up to the hill and everything seems off. I walk in and she tells me what happened. A kitten of hers died. Drowned. Surprisingly, Nothing wrong otherwise. She then told me how she disposed of the body. Threw it in the lake with a stone tied around it.
It was now BACK ON THE SHORE. She couldn't go get it and some kids she was watching would go apeshit if they saw it ,so I had to go get it ,bag it, haul it into the woods far away from them, and then make it back. I'm ecstatic to say the least. I go out there and I have a garbage bag. A thick one at that. I Scopp it up, it being pretty far in the water, meaning I had to scoop it forward with a branch first. It was well kept. Actual natural death. A relief for what has happened here in the past. I bag it and start walking on my way. I feel uneasy for a lack of a better word at this point.

While walking there, There's dead animals littering the side of the road, I shit you not. Mostly mice, all seemingly dead from predatory reasons. Pieces of skin gone, half eaten. Nan has 8 cats however, 6 kittens, 2 normal cats. Beside the point however. As I'm walking along the corpse of the former feline now sloshes in the bag behind my shoulder. I walk and I walk and I make the bend. I smell what appears to be death, but there's dead mice everywhere and I have a corpse. I ignore it. Finally I get to my next turn where I see my next bad sign. A dead fox. once again, Preyyed upon. His leg was removed, And he had a ripped out throat. The body was riddled with maggots. The smell was strong and penetrating. Now I'm even more uneasy, I walk far away from it. I make my way down the path to this cat's new home. The smell fades, and I think no more of it. The lake was a lovely emerald and shined like a polished diamond in the winter sun. It did not accurately portray what would happen next.

I now make it to the final turn of my destination. Now the wind has died down and there is no more sound except the sloshing of the cat, my body sounds, and my foot steps. I walk into the woods. It reflected light through the trees. It was dim but I could easily see. I make it to the clearing and I start digging with a hand spade. And I dig. And I dig. And I dig. 5 minutes later, I get the desired depth. I then smell the rotten fish and carrion smell again. I checked my phone. I had went from 4 bars to 0. Odd. I then felt paranoid and I wanted to get away from this place. I then opened the bag and poured the cat into the bad. It came out. It had milky white eyes, it's skin was bloated, and it was horrible to look at. I shut the grave with the dirt I had dug up and then The sound began. This horrible growl. Low and guttural. Like a rabid dog. Rather than see what I had pissed off or what I was trespassing on, I ran. The growl became this unholy screech. The forest became darker. The sun was no longer in the sky and I'm hiking it. The sound was loud enough to hurt my ears and the smell of death surrounded me. Penetrated my very soul. I literally claw my way up hill, leaving behind my spade and the bag. I step in what feels like shit as I haul ass away from the clearing. On the way back, There were no more dead animals. No fox, No mice, Nothing. I looked down to see what I had stepped it. The color and smell suggested I had stepped in the dead remains of an animal.

I make it home staring at my shoe. The black and white shoe smells horrible and has dead maggots all over it. Before going up to nan's house, I walk to the lake and rinse it off. I don't stay long, because the smell returns. The windows are all shut and the doors are locked. I knock on the door. She answers it looking half dead and pale. "Get in..."
I walk in and she then locks the door as fast as possible. She then tells me that something had told her to close and lock the doors and windows. She thought it was her angel. I've always been skeptical about Christians claiming to hear god and such, but I entertained her. "Don't worry. Nothings here. You're safe." After about 3 minutes of this, I had calmed her down and the color returned to her face. We said good bye, She gave me 20$ and I started for my car...When the screeching returned. It was across the lake but I could STILL hear it. Petrified with fear, I reached for the handle of my car when Something told me to wait.
Hesitantly, I stopped. The screeching stopped after about half a minute. I heard footsteps.

turned around. In the woods, I saw a large figure work it's way through the brush. I never saw what it was but I did see it stop and "look" at me, and by that I mean it was facing me directly.It was good at hiding, and I couldn't tell what it was no matter how I looked at it. The brush ensured that. I smelt Dead things again. It stood there and I heard something Vibrate and it walked away, First following the wood work and then curving into the woods. It never seemed to actually threaten me or pose a threat in any way. Merely, It seemed interested. And yet, I still felt the need to be scared. I dialed up my nan and told her to re lock her doors, and I called the sheriff's office and asked them for assistance. I claimed I thought there were some gang members that were holing up on our property in the forest. They ended up sending a cruiser. I left while they were en route...
According to the deputy, He didn't find anything suspicious aside from a empty bottle or two outside and a empty snuff can a hunter had left when he was poaching on our land. He did comment, "I felt Like Something was watching me. Like something was looking at me through the trees. I felt uneasy. Scared. If I were you I would never go back in those woods again."

No one has ever gone back in those woods again. The bodies stopped turning up.
The smell went away.
The area feels a lot more Erie now.
As of yesterday, a local priest came by and blessed the land, which seemed to help.
However, It doesn't help that whatever goes in the woods not doesn't come out.
Upon looking again, the Sheriff's Located numerous dead bodies littering the woods back behind the house, pretty far away too. All with broken bones and missing meat.
No one goes into the woods anymore...
No one...
Video ended up being a major bust.
Pictures came out okay, some other didn't.
Either way, It's over for me.
It's been fun guys.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

After /x/ thought I was dead, and was apparently ready to rally a team of /x/ hunters to raid Darkwater lake, I finished taking the photo's and video.
Now /x/ is down at the moment due to server reboots.
Yay. Jus what people want... MORE delays.

Pictures and video have been moved up in time.
They will be taken today.
Both night AND day pictures.
Video will be recorded in day, And some at night.
Video will take longer to process, but should come out in HD.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Darkwater blog has been formed.
Now if you miss something on /x/, you may Catch it here.