Sunday, January 17, 2010

Start at the bottom. One photo was withheld due to gore.


  1. Was the picture of the bag in the water, the bag of the kitten you buried?
    If it was, I just shat huge bri/x/

  2. Also, what's with the red outline on the first picture?
    I see a face. I think

  3. The bag WAS the cat.
    The cat was not posted due to Gore.
    Don't want this taken down due to a few people freaking out about a dead cat.
    And the red outline shows what is in the 6th picture. A silhouette of something.
    The first picture reveals it to be a shadow. The same shadow I saw when I was 10 and 17.

    Did I mention all my photo's except for the first have no editing to them?
    (first wasn't made by me.)

  4. I've been following this since I stumbled upon it in the archives.

    First impression: Troll ("AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT" lmao)

    Few posts in: Wow...this sounds eerily like the thing that has been following myself and my roommate since we were kids.

    After finishing reading: Either epic troll or seriously interesting true story.

    After seeing that you actually pulled through and delivered on your word:

    I fully believe this story. I'm actually planning on starting up a website pretty soon for odd paranormal stories (not an /x/ ripoff, something much more) and I would be honored if you'd like to either post this story, or give me permission to post it with credits to you (or just post a link to this blog).

  5. yo bitch throw up some way we can communicate you. you said this shit extends pretty far into the woods. i have a friend with personal mothman experience. id like to take him up there without telling him. im also a shaman so i could check dis shit out and maybe kill/eat/fuck it for you. also because of the animals it would be interesting for me as well as my mothman friend. also you said something about a witch doctor in the beginning of the story for no reason?

  6. At Maahes, Would love that.

    At G3t... It's not my land. However, I have no control over what you do. It does extend Quite a bit, so you could walk onto unclaimed property if it Is there and walk towards the central area of activity. Or perhaps walk to an area less observed.

    The witch doctor mentioned was that there was no doctor in town or at any point. That means there's little chance of this being a Hex of any kind.

  7. I guess that cat's in the bag...